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Hedges: Our Mania for Hope Is a Curse

Canada poised to pass anti-terror legislation despite widespread outrage

Federal scientists push for protection from political interference - Globe and Mail

"Government scientists have always been vulnerable to those who hold the reins of power, but tensions have grown under the Conservatives. After the Tories enacted a wave of research program and facility cancellations in 2012, stories began to emerge of researchers who were blocked from responding to media requests about their work." Ivan Semaniuk, Science Reporter, Globe and Mail, May 17, 2015.

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Evil is Live spelled backwards

"I recently listened to an interview featuring psychologist, Andrew Feldmar, on the subject of evil, with Dr. Mia Kalef (my partner).  He reminded me that evil is live spelled backward. Evil is anti-life. Life is exploited to serve ends other than the sheer joy of existence, the love of others, and the beauty of the world. All life, beauty, love become means to a sinister end, which is ultimately death—specifically, the cessation of the life force in others to illustrate one’s dominance by the perpetrator, whether state or individual."  Bruce Sanguin, Home for Evolving Mystics.