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How does it help the innocent to be bombed?

Common Sense and Orphan Wells

Commonsense Canadian: Despite admitting there is an increasing trend of inactive well sites awaiting reclamation, the BC Oil and Gas Commission has slashed its budget for its orphan site reclamation fund from $4.83 million in 2013 to just $1 million in 2014. According to the Orphan Well Association, “an orphan is a well, pipeline, facility or associated site which has been investigated and confirmed as not having any legally responsible or financially able party to deal with its abandonment and reclamation.”

Thanks to Honourable and Ethical Seekers of Truth

Thanks to Canada and the work of the CBC I have evolved from a prejudiced European immigrant to a citizen of world community.

Canada has taught me the value of multiculturalism. I have been privileged to go where I would never have gone had I stayed in the UK. I have attended services in a Synagogue, a Sikh temple, a Catholic church and a Greek Orthodox church.

My daughter learned to dance in a Ukrainian Cultural club. My children have traveled around the world eagerly accepting the hospitality of different peoples.  I have eaten Chinese, Italian, Greek and Kosher foods. But mostly I have learned that people of different races are not a menace or a threat.  The threat is the way in which we have been trained to fear the stranger for the entrenched power of those who seek absolute power over continents.

And mostly I have learned so much about humility and a gentle approach to living with nature from our First Nations. 

Toula Drimonis says "The CBC provides a coast-to-coast identity, a…