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Why You Can't Sleep at Night

George Monbiot, the columnist and blogger, revealed that he went to a boarding school where boys of well-to-do families go.  This gave him insight into how ruling elites think. The purpose we might think is to give their children the kind of education that will make them leaders. We hope they might turn out like Ghandi or Bishop Tutu, but a few decades earlier "the role of such schools was clear: they broke boys’ attachment to their families and re-attached them to the institutions – the colonial service, the government, the armed forces – through which the British ruling class projected its power. Every year they released into the world a cadre of kamikazes, young men fanatically devoted to their caste and culture." 
I believe this is how all institutions operate - to create citizens to defend their corporate mothers.  Real mothers and fathers also raise their children to be successful in the world in which they were raised, with the hope of upward mobility. 

Now, however, we…

Why you can't win an argument with a bully

Bullies appear to be single minded in their determination to win. Their intimidation tactics make it difficult to believe they are concerned about facts other than how to make them serve their own interests. Bullies appear to operate as though they are the centre of the universe who can't be touched or challenged by marginal forces.

Arguments are conversations directed towards an outcome: persuasion, defending a point of view, making a case.  A good argument is one that contains two sides where  willing listeners and intellectually present minds engage in the topic. An argument is not what you see on Coronation Street or reality shows.  It's not a p!$$ing contest of verbal abuse. An argument is not a diatribe or a rant where only one voice is present.

An argument requires honesty and sincerity among equals. Proving the point requires logic, insight, enlightenment, and some humility. However this is not easy as we have been raised in societies where 'right' and 'wr…

The Indigenous Voice

Might does not make right. All the power in the world cannot save us, if we lose sight of reason and justice.
This is why we need to listen to the indigenous voice. It’s not just for their survival, it’s for all of us. Those voices that were dismissed, are the voices of our own human heart.  A heart that has been silenced for the punitive ideology misnamed progress.
This ideology assumed that humanity would be saved by industry, war, colonization, and consumerism.  These have given us many things from silk to medicine, but the instruments of this ideology also centralized power within the hands of an elite, and a new more devastating sickness infiltrated our minds and extended to our communities.
It’s not that our leaders were stupid, absolutely selfish or entirely corrupt, but that we were all influenced by the operating system – the matrix. We (those born and raised in these systems) were taken in by the teachings of our elders who had learned how to avoid falling into the machiner…

First Nations: The long shadow of assimilation

Go to to see a clearly indicated list  of conditions the First Nations have lived under since European contact, compiled by Trish Hennessy, including links to sources. 

Even if you learn this off by heart and use this to argue with friends and family,  don't be surprised if you can't change their minds.

There is a resistance to the truths of the cruelty meted out by imperialistic forces, towards aboriginal people.  This history does not make us look pretty, but if we are to survive as a species, we must move away from  indifference and embrace compassion.  We must care and begin again ~ as one family under the sky.

Mental Health of a Species

Having been conditioned to believe that great empires are measured by the number of other nations it has conquered, and great leaders are equal to the destruction they leave in their wake, we witness the many victims of those values today.  They come in the form of six rapists mutilating a young woman on a bus in Delhi, a young man entering an elementary school in Newtown with an assault weapon and killing twenty unarmed children along with six adults, and the NRA proposing that all schools should have armed guards rather than gun controls.

Is it enough to say that those who seek power, whether it be in business, government or media, are psychopaths who have wrought this dystopia upon the land where the unnamed must duck and sweat in the hope of surviving? Or have we all been made sick and sorry creatures? Is there anything healthy that can come of us if our minds have been invaded by this power imperative?

As long as 40 percent of those who live in "democratic" nations bel…

A Wish for the New Year

May I hold on to my opinion until I identify my own biases.
May I listen to the opinions I feel uncomfortable with.
May I see conflict as part of the evolution of consciousness.

May you receive the spiritual support you need.
May you find a home among those who value your uniqueness.
May you believe in your gifts.

May we be open to the changes that include a reverence for all life.
May we not fear the dark corners but look for the cracks.
May we interrogate trends before we invest in them.

May our leaders see the forked road where leadership and strategy part.
May our citizens acknowledge their own part in the larger story.
May our species be supported as we struggle to evolve.