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The End of Humanity?

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Poetry That Heals by Naomi Beth Wakan - a review

How can poetry heal? Naomi Beth Wakan shows us through a tour of the different forms of Japanese poetry and ultimately answers the question.

Each chapter pairs the poetic form with the way healing intersects with reading and writing. But first the author asks “Who has not at times of distress sighed, groaned, cried and let out an anguished “Why?””
Chapter headings read like a self help guide: Being Here Now, Reading Haiku, How to Write a Haiku, The Haiku Walk, Healing the Earth, Loosening with Laughter, Freeing the Artist, Letting it all out, The Journey.
But it’s not shallow advice, not a quick-fix-buy-this kind of magical thinking.
Writers throughout the ages took to writing stuff down as a powerful antidote to despair even in the most sad and tragic times. Even sadness expressed at a particular event can fight against depression.  Poems that witness minutes, seconds, days or years, without rushing toward a solution, are revealing an element about life which the ego matures and understa…

Who Am I Better Than?

Important because it’s an unconscious question that sits below the screeching headlines  yet informs my actions
I am better than the killer who shot an unarmed man and got off free and the killer of 17 students with a rifle he cradled like a baby
better than the NRA who say everyone should carry  then shooters wouldn’t - but feel it doesn’t matter  who lives and dies as long as the economy is good
and all those who know the economy is a religion  so that billions die before climate change and all the suffering will create more mass shooters more wars, more disease while scientists predict  the threat of artificial intelligence
and if we manage to arm ourselves to the mind and not just the teeth we shall see the winners  stride across an emptied world in triumph
and who will care who is better then?

Why the City of Burnaby Opposes Kinder Morgan's Pipeline Route

If you have 20 minutes to watch this video you will understand why there is such strong opposition to Kinder Morgan's Pipeline. It is easy to understand and the video is well done.

The Art of Power by Thich Nhat Hanh

"To me a civilised society is one where people have the time to live their daily lives deeply, to love and take care of their family and community" writes Thich Nhat Hanh in his book The Art of Power.

The cover slip says "Power is good for one thing only: to increase our happiness and the happiness of others. Being peaceful and happy is the most important thing in our lives and yet most of the time we suffer, we run after our cravings, we look to the past or the future for our happiness".

The world renowned Vietnamese monk lays out five spiritual powers: faith, diligence, mindfulness, concentration and insight. Under each of these he explains how they work as powers. However, none of these tools are like new apps that you can purchase and install for your hand held device. They are gained by practice, by constant mindfulness. And after the discipline we must learn how to handle power skillfully through cutting off our cravings, offering love and cultivating insigh…

From the David Suzuki Foundation - Saving Salish Sea Orcas

Dear Ministers LeBlanc and McKenna,

I am requesting that you recommend an emergency order under the Species at Risk Act for southern resident killer whales. With 76 remaining individuals, I believe that an emergency situation requires an emergency response.

This little-used legal tool has proven to be a flexible, effective way to urgently respond to a species’ specific needs. It provides measures to address imminent threats to a species. Emergency orders helped stop further declines of western chorus frogs and rebuilt greater sage grouse populations. Male greater sage grouses grew in number from 20 to 79 in 2016 following an emergency order.

The emergency order for southern resident killer whales calls for limits to the number of chinook that can be caught and for other restrictions on fishing. It also calls on government to designate whale feeding refuges during spring and summer for a minimum of five years. The refuges would allow the orcas to forage without noise and disturbance from…

Poetry That Heals